- Oundle Public School, Oundle, Peterborough, Northamptonshire, UK
- BA Hons. Combined Arts, University of Brighton, West Sussex, UK
- MA, London Film School, Covent Garden, London, UK


- English - French (fluent) - Flemish (notions)
  Independent Film Director
Flying Pig Productions SPRL

I was born in England and have been working as a Freelance Director-Writer for over 25 years – making films for a wide variety of clients and industries in different countries all over Europe and beyond.

Eternally curious, my education was a natural progression... from a BA honours in Art, Theatre and Photography I moved on from Theatre Direction... to graduate with an MA in Film Direction from the London Film School.

After Film School, I worked in London for five years as a Freelance Art Director, mainly on studio-shot commercials. At the same time I Produced and Directed films for corporations and charities.

During this period I worked my way up through the different ‘ranks’ of the film industry – from an Assistant Theatre and Film Director – to an Art Director – and then to Assistant Producer, Producer and Director. I subsequently came to Brussels in 1991 to work on a feature film and began working as a full-time Director shortly afterwards.

I am well used to taking a brief, writing a proposal and collaborating with clients to create films that achieve their goals - films that are original, informative, visually rich and attractive.

My films do not always depend upon a voice over narration and I have often had to ensure that complicated processes are easy to comprehend in order to facilitate their international distribution in different markets.

I am at ease with, and have a considerable experience of, directing actors, people and crowds – to create films that remain within budget - and are delivered to a specific deadline!

Still fascinated and passionate about making films, I am very present throughout the conception, execution, editing and post production of each of my films to ensure that my clients receive the best possible quality and results.

Several of my films have won prizes at International Film Festivals